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Carpet Cleaning Reviews

I have some fairly old carpet in my apartment. EcoCarpet came and did a fantastic job getting everything cleaned up. My carpet looks SO much better. I won't ever use anyone else.
    -Jay, Lehi Utah

I've used a lot of carpet cleaning companies in the past and nobody has done a better job than EcoCarpet. The stains that were still there from our last cleaning are now gone. Highly recommended.
    -Jacob, Orem Utah

I was so happy with my carpet cleaning! EcoCarpet was very friendly and did excellent work. My carpet looks like new and feels so clean. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks!
    -Callie, Salt Lake City Utah

Eco Carpet was fantastic. Our carpet looks so much better and the stains are completely gone. I loved that they moved the furniture instead of just cleaning around it like the last company we used.
    -Liz, Draper

Carpet Cleaning Utah

Natural Carpet Cleaning

EcoCarpet has been providing carpet cleaning in Utah for over 10 years. We always use natural cleaning solutions that remove even the deepest soil in your carpet, getting your carpet thoroughly clean without using harsh chemicals or leaving a residue. Our highly trained technicians use the highest quality equipment and cleaning solutions to give you the most thorough cleaning, leaving your carpet deep-down clean, fresh, and residue-free.

Outstanding Service

At EcoCarpet, we always use shoe covers and thoroughly clean all of our equipment before entering your home. Our cleaning technicians are experts at removing even the most difficult stains and are expertly trained to get your carpet looking like new. We always provide the most thorough cleaning possible, and we do it with outstanding service.

All stain removal is always included in the price and we never use high pressure sales tactics or sneaky bait and switch methods to push un-needed services on you. We believe in being informative and transparent about our cleaning process to ensure you are thrilled with the cleaning service and the price.

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Eco Carpet Cleaning Service is a top quality carpet cleaning service for Utah and Salt Lake County. We specialize in cleaning carpet, tile, upholstery, removing stains, and getting your home thoroughly clean. Our process uses natural cleaning solutions that are safe for you and your family. For more than ten years we have been working hard to perfect the carpet cleaning process so that we can get your carpet as clean as possible without excess water or residue. We stand behind our services 100% and guarantee you will be thrilled with the cleaning.

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