Deep-Down, Thorough Cleaning That Stays Cleaner for Longer.

EcoCarpet provides high quality carpet cleaning in Utah that gets your carpet thoroughly clean. Many carpet cleaners use chemicals in their cleaning process that leave behind a sticky residue after the cleaning. This sticky residue attracts dirt and bacteria in your carpet. This is why your carpet gets dirty again so fast after you have it cleaned by a low-quality cleaner.

At EcoCarpet, we always use natural cleaning solutions that effectively break up soil and stains in your carpet and rinse away clean, leaving your carpet cleaner for longer. Our powerful equipment provides a deep-down, thorough cleaning that leaves you with clean, fresh carpet.

Cleaning Process

EcoCarpet not only provides the most thorough cleaning, but we also provide the highest quality of service as well. We use the following process to renew your carpet and keep it looking healthy and clean:
  • Cleaning Preparation
    Before we arrive at your home our technicians thoroughly clean and disinfect all cleaning equipment from the previous job to ensure everything we bring into your home is like new. The cleaning technician will use shoe covers before entering your home to avoid bringing in more dirt.

  • Pre-Inspection
    We will inspect your carpet with you prior to cleaning and any concerns you may have will be addressed and given special consideration during the appointment.

  • Pre-Spray
    Our natural cleaning solution is combined with hot, soft water and is lightly sprayed onto your carpet. This loosens the soil, grease, and stains that are attached to your carpet fibers.

  • Clean Rinse
    Our thorough process gets the deep down soil and grease out of your carpet and rinses clean away to leave you with fresh carpet that looks and smells great.

  • Protectant (optional)
    To help prevent stains and protect your carpet fibers from unnecessary wear and tear we suggest having carpet protectant applied with your cleaning.

  • Quick Dry
    We use high-velocity fans after cleaning each room to speed up the drying process. Your carpet is left fresh, clean, and nearly dry. Carpet usually dries completely in 5-6 hours. (Timing may vary depending on condition)

  • Guarantee
    At EcoCarpet Cleaning Service, we understand that as a customer you may worry about the results of your carpet cleaning. We guarantee all of our cleaning. So rest assured that you will be thrilled with the results or we will return to make it right. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and will do whatever it takes to make you a raving fan of EcoCarpet.

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