Brighten Up Your Tile & Grout

Over time, tile and especially grout collect layers of soil that become increasingly hard to remove. Eventually the soil can get so thick that the color of your grout doesn't even look the same. Periodically having your tile and grout professionally cleaned can strip this layer of soil from your tile and grout bringing the life back to your tile and brightening your grout back to its original color.

Cleaning Process

  • Pre-Inspection
    Before we begin cleaning, we will visually inspect your tile with you. Any areas that are of special concern to you will be given special attention during the cleaning.

  • Pre-Treat
    We then spray a cleaning solution on your tile and grout that will begin to break down and loosen foriegn soils.

  • Brush
    After applying a cleaning solution, we gently brush your grout to work in the cleaning solution and further break up layers of soil

  • Extract
    Once the cleaning solution has loosened the soil from your tile and grout, a special tile extractor is used to gently blast away and extract soil. You are left with nothing but beautiful, clean tile and grout.

  • Grout Sealant (optional)
    Grout can be subject to damage caused by soil and usage. You can protect your grout from damage and permanent staining by having a clear sealant applied after the cleaning. This protects against spills, soil, damage and will help you keep your tile and grout looking bright and clean.

  • Guarantee
    We always guarantee all of our work. If for any reason you are unpleased with the cleaning, just let us know and we will make it right without question.

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