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Utah Concrete - A&S Concrete provides the best concrete services in Utah. Whether you need new concrete or are looking to repair damaged concrete, A&S can take care of you!

Epoxy Coatings

A&S offers epoxy coatings that can be applied to a concrete floor. This provides a great option for a finished surface that looks professional and is also stain and water resistant. It also protects the concrete from abrasion and damage. Epoxy coatings are perfect for garage floors where you may get a lot of oil spills because it is much simpler to clean a floor that has been coated in epoxy than to clean an unfinished concrete floor that will soak up spills and make it difficult to clean.

Concrete Repairs

We also provide repair services for cracks, resurfacing or replacement. If you have a crack in your concrete, which is very common from temperature and the elements, we can repair it. If you have a more severe problem and need to completely replace the surface, we can resurface it, giving it a brand new look with a stain, stencil or engraving. If the concrete is beyond repair, we can remove the old concrete and completely replace it with new solid concrete.

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