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Carpet Cleaning Draper

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

EcoCarpet has been providing carpet cleaning in Draper and throughout the Wasatch Front for the last decade. Our natural cleaning solutions can get even the worst stains out of carpet without soaking your carpet or using the harsh chemicals that many carpet cleaners use. Our experienced and knowledgeable workers can get your carpet looking like new and leave you 100% satisfied with your deep-down clean carpet.

Excellent Service

We always use shoe covers and keep our equipment spotless when we are cleaning the carpet in your home. We pride ourselves on creating happy customers with our excellent service. Our expert technicians are trained to get out any type of stain and get your carpet looking like new. Stain removal is always included in every carpet cleaning with no additional charge.

Carpet Maintenance

Regular vacuuming is an important part of carpet maintenance, but it’s also important to have your carpet periodically cleaned with hot water extraction as well to remove the soil that vacuuming alone can’t eliminate. Hot water extraction can remove soils that get in your carpet from foot traffic, spills, air pollution, and all the other sources that get your carpet dirty. These soils that collect in your carpet cause it to dull over time as the carpet fibers become damaged from abrasion resulting from the collecting soil and foot traffic.

Typically, it is suggested to have your carpet cleaned every year to year and a half depending on the amount of foot traffic and use your carpet gets. It is important to consider the type of carpet cleaning you have done when you hire a professional to restore your carpet. Some types of carpet cleaning can leave a residue that causes carpet to get dirty soon after it is cleaned. EcoCarpet uses natural cleaning solutions that rinse away clean without a residue or excess wetness.

Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the optimal method of cleaning your carpet because it is the most thorough type of cleaning and doesn’t damage carpet fibers or leave a residue like other types of cleaning methods. In fact, several carpet manufacturers require that you have your carpet cleaned with hot water extraction in order to maintain your carpet warranty. EcoCarpet uses the most advanced equipment to provide hot water extraction cleaning that gets more out of your carpet and leaves it drier than other companies that use lower quality equipment.

For all your Draper carpet cleaning needs, give EcoCarpet a call. See why we are the number one company in Draper for providing top-quality carpet cleaning that doesn't use harsh chemicals, leave a residue, or soak your carpet.

Draper - Carpet Cleaning Fans At EcoCarpet, we always use fans after we clean each room to speed-dry your carpet because we know how frustrating it can be when your carpet is wet for days. Our process gets your carpet cleaner and leaves it drier, so you can get back to using your newly cleaned carpet. Wall Guards - Draper Have you ever had a carpet cleaner scratch the paint or wood corners on your wall? It's a frequent problem caused by cleaners that don't take the proper steps to protect your property. We use wall guards while we clean to keep our hoses from doing anything except getting your carpet completely clean. Draper - Furniture Blocks We always use furniture pads after we move your furniture to clean underneath it. This protects your carpet from wood or rust stains that other carpet cleaners cause with overwetting and failure to use protective pads. Taking care of your home while we clean is our top priority. Carpet Cleaning DraperOur residue-free, natural cleaning process gets your carpet looking like new and feeling great. Call EcoCarpet and we will be happy to renew your carpet and keep it looking great for many years!


Draper Cleaning Reviews

This is the third time I have used EcoCarpet and I have been impressed every single time. The carpet dried quickly and looked so much cleaner and brighter! The price is also so much better than some of the companies we have used in the past, but the service is even better.
    -Corey, Draper

I had EcoCarpet come clean my home in Draper today. Not only was the price great, but they were very nice, professional, clean, and were very careful in my home. They also did fantastic work and got all the stains out. I was very happy with the cleaning!
    -Joni, Draper

My carpets are getting so old. I was really worried that I just needed to replace the carpet. When I had my carpet cleaned recently though, it looked so much better and we will definitely be waiting to replace it. I can't believe how much better it looks. Thanks EcoCarpet!
    -Abbie, Draper

I started using EcoCarpet last year and was very impressed from the first time they came out. I've had several other companies out in the past, but none of them compare to EcoCarpet in price, quality and just overall service. I highly recommend them to anyone!
    -Candice, Draper

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