What is residue-free carpet cleaning? Many times we hear concerns from customers about whether carpet will re-soil faster after it is cleaned. Unfortunately, this can be a legitimate concern if you use a cheap carpet cleaning company that does not have proper equipment, uses cheap chemicals, or simply does not have sufficient training to clean your carpet the right way. When a cleaner uses cheap equipment, they can't extract as thoroughly as the high-end equipment that we use at EcoCarpet. This means that less soil is removed from your carpet and a residue of cleaning solution is left behind. This residue can turn to a sticky film on your carpet fibers that attracts soil and results in rapid re-soiling.

When other cleaners use cheap chemicals on your carpet, it can also result in a residue and can even strip the protective coating off of your carpet if the cleaner uses a high PH cleaner. At EcoCarpet Cleaning Service, we use cleaning solutions that are made from completely natural ingredients and rinse away clean without any residue. Combined with our powerful equipment that thoroughly extracts soil from your carpet, we leave your carpet spotlessly clean, without a residue. This means your carpet will look great and will stay looking great for a long time.

All of our cleaning technicians are highly trained to clean every type of carpet safely and thoroughly. You can rest assured that your carpet will not re-soil quickly after we clean and that we will get your carpet as clean as possible. Don't take your chances with other carpet cleaning companies. EcoCarpet will always use the highest quality equipment with our all-natural cleaning solution and will ALWAYS ensure you are thrilled with your carpet cleaning. For Carpet Cleaning in Utah, Call EcoCarpet.

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